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Mercedes Warning Lights: What Do They Mean?

Electronics are a fundamental feature of any new modern car, meaning your vehicle has a whole host of sensors to monitor how your car is performing, but what happens when a sensor identifies a potential problem?

With a number of warning light symbols it can be confusing identifying what they may mean and then what you should do.

One of these symbols is the ECU / Engine warning light. (pictured above) Normally if this is illuminated, you will notice that your car is not functioning as you would expect, potentially running with reduced power or stuttering when you accelerate.

This symbol could be highlighting a number of issues, anything from a faulty sensor to a larger mechanical issue, which is why it is important to get this addressed and resolved as soon as possible to prevent any further damage being caused.

At MB-Wirral, we use the latest star diagnostic equipment to enable us to locate and identify the issue(s) triggering your warning lights to illuminate.

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